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Alma Al Junaibi is a privately owned international Freight Forwarding company founded in 1993, with a reputation for providing outstanding quality that continues to secure a loyal customer base. The Group has developed a strong, young management team, which together with the founding Directors are committed to working within established quality procedures to provide each customer with the most reliable personalized service and dedicated to the continuous development of both our people and our services.

تعارف الدولي

T3arof Date | اول موقع لمواعدة البالغين بسرية في الشرق الاوسط | T3arof Date هي الوجهة الاولى للباحثين عن العلاقات الغرامية الرومنسية والمواعدة الجنسية السرية ومقابلات البالغين بالشرق الاوسط. يمكن بسهولة العثور على شريك جنسي يقيم قريب منك، لدينا الاف الاعضاء، خدمة متميزة (انه حصري، انه سري، انه امن، انه مضمون، انه شخصي، انه خاص، انه حقيقي).

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Air Freight

Alma Cargo ensures your goods moves by air at optimal speed and efficiency along with supply chain. We have contracts with the world's major international carriers that secure

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Road Transport

We offers a wide range of transportation for variety of cargo. We have the flexibility and the expertise to handle the transportation jobs at any times of the day.

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Logistics And Distribution

We provide complete logistics solutions dedicated around port centered import and export services on UAE. Our logistics solutions contain customs, warehousing, port clearance and delivery and packing.

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Our Best Services

We are the market leader in Logistic Industry.

What Our Clients Say

Our Specialities


Alma Cargo will be here for the long run, we are constantly moving, improving and innovating. With solid financial backing and support, we will be here when you need us, whether it is next week, next year, or in five or ten years down the road.


Alma Cargo operates with the highest level of confidentiality and integrity. When you come to us, we are part of your team. We value the confidentiality of our relationship and protect your best interests.


Our group of company should be recognized as a leading integrated logistics solution providing organization, whose strengths lie in an efficient global network of bases as well as broad based, market-oriented range of services.

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